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Our Story

 "It's your typical "we didn't know what we were doing but since we live in a community with a lot of nice people we still made it" story. Since opening our doors in 2012, we have developed community with our members, and lasting friendships with our team, that  have proved to us it's the people who support you that make a gym like ours work.  

Ultimately, we have found that when you invest in your community, your community invests in you."


- Co-Owner, Jessi Severance 

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Original location.jpg

Original Location

BA Club Fitness 034.jpg

Main Bad Axe Location


Owners Brad & Jessi Severance opened up their first version of Bad Axe Club Fitness in 2012.  They were fresh off getting married, excited to try working together, and about as green at business as you could possibly be.  They learned a lot in the first few years.  Everything from servicing treadmills, to good bookkeeping, to providing a great member experience was on the learning curve. 

Thankfully, many of the gym members stuck with it as they navigated what it was to be a small business.  In 2015, they added 600 square footage to their building.  And in 2017, they took a leap of faith, signed a lot of papers, and moved the Bad Axe gym to where it currently resides.   The gym shares the same location as Emma's Coffee House,  the Severance's small coffee shop and café that members enjoy grabbing smoothies or a quick coffee from after a good workout.

The satellite location in Caseville was added to the mix in the last part of 2020, and includes a racquetball membership option, plus seasonal and short-term access to summer visitors.  Members enjoy access to both facilities at no extra cost.

Satellite Location in Caseville

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